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About Maranatha

Maranatha Pavilion Ministries International is a teaching ministry aimed at nurturing and impacting live with the undiluted word of God especially in Celestial Church of Christ.

The Holy Spirit spoke the mind of Christ to the VISIONER – Dr. Omololu Oladosu to establish this teaching ministry in order to equip the end time saints in Celestial Church of Christ. SInce then, Maranatha as it is widely known and fondly called came into being in 2005.

Maranatha was not given as a Celestial Parish but as a teaching ministry in Celestial Church of Christ. What we do is to teach and teach, until the word of God is fully impacted.

We believe that when the word of God is well rooted and established in lives of the people, to live a Christ-like life will not be difficult, therefore join us in Maranatha to define the vision of Celestial Church of Christ and harvest heaven bound Celestials for Christ.

  • To prepare every Celestial member for the kingdom of God in order words, to make heaven
  • To prepare even non celestial members and other who are not sure of their salvation for the Kingdom of God
  • To teach, instruct and exhort every Celestial member, the Christian ethics and doctrine in conforming with biblical statutes.
  • To impact the knowledge of Celestial doctrine through the proper dissemination and rightly dividing the Celestial doctrine and tents in conjuction with biblical ethics.
  • To accomplish the kingdom task for every Celestial a lifestyle of holiness. Righteousness and purity is our standard and goal.
  • To take the gospel of the Kingdom to both Celestials and non-Celetials through seminars, fora, talks, symposia, crusades, revivals, convention and outreach programmes.
  • To move from nation to nation especially those countries where Celestial Churches are established and yet to be spritiually evangelised and biblically ingtegrated to the precept of God.
  • To produce in every parish of Celestial a heavenly bound Christian, a Celestial and Maranatha member with their eyes fixed on the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • To make every Celestial a bible teacher and instructor in order to go to the world to preach the gospel as well as cleanse the world wit the word.
  • To accomplish all these objectives we will take Maranatha to every person, every home, every family, every parish, every denomination, every state, everynation, every continent and entire world, till our Lord Jesus cometh.

Maranatha …Our Lord cometh

  • To be the first in the category of ministerial fellowship in Celestial Church of Christ, exhorting, correcting and edifying in that category.
  • To offer first class gospel information and dissemination through a high grade of informational technology in Celestial Chruch of Christ.
  • To incorporate branding in all ramification of spiritual context revamping and uplifting the image of Christ in Celestial Church.
  • To be a pace setter in proffering biblical solutions to doctrinal problems and tents headaches.
  • To be a communication ministry instructing and impacting through magazines, bulletins, newsletters, journals, tapes, VCD, DVD, books, website and other related materials
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